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DEATHTRAP av Ira Levin
18.30-20.45, inklusive 15 minuters paus
Från 15 år
Antal platser: 60

Let us take you on a journey of twists and turns, in this story of pride, lust and the depths of the human soul.

Sidney is a playwright who has been starved of success for too long. Then, out of nowhere, a sure fire smash hit script lands in his lap. Deathtrap, written by the young Clifford, starts the cogs in Sidney’s brain turning. What would happen if Clifford just dissapeared…? We ask: how far are we willing to go for love, pride and success? Full of twists and turns and dark humour, Deathtrap, by Ira Levin, was a huge Broadway success in 1978, and we at Guanabana Productions are pleased to bring it to Malmö.

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Guanabana Productions are a predominantly English speaking theatre company who specialise in visually stunning high-end amateur theatre. We want to be the reason why people still take a chance on amateur theatre! Engaging highly skilled individuals, Guanabana Productions have now been an official entity for over three years